Energy-Saving Windows
Windows represent the single largest opportunity for improvement. 39% of all emissions are tied to building operations, with 38% of that for heating and cooling. Up to 40% of that energy – and cost – literally goes out the window. The wasted energy results in over 250 million tons of emissions per year.
Today’s good quality, dual-pane commercial or residential windows are typically R-1 to R-3. This number is dramatically lower than a typical R-13 wall.
Serious Windows deliver true, full frame window performance from R-5 to R-11. This performance is up to four times higher than major brands, and Energy Star requirements. The dramatic reduction in energy bills provides fast payback.
LEED® Certification
Demonstrating Green Commitment
More and more builders are facing demands for specific, documented green building content in construction. Building owners recognize the many values of green, such as lower energy use, increased comfort, social status, environmental concern and enhanced marketability. 
The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™  is a way for builders to document the environmental friendliness of their projects. There are stringent, environmental LEED standards for new construction, remodels and residential construction. 
Because they are both highly efficient and often times made using much less energy than comparable products.
  GO-GREEN with Metro Energy Star Colors or
 Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) Design
 ENERGY STAR — Metro Roof Products (Tile, Shake and Shingle panels) are now available in a highly reflective Energy Star compliant color — PEARL WHITE, ASPEN & MISSION GOLD. Other colors are in the works so check back soon for more information. Download MetroNEWS Energy Star - Cool Colors PDF.
ASV — The unique design of the Metro panels allows them to be installed Batten-Less or as a Batten-System, both methods create an approximate average air-space beneath the panels and “Above the Roof Deck” that provides energy efficiency equal to Energy Star reflectance levels irrelevant of the color. Review the detailed 12-month+ study performed by DOE (Department of Energy) - ORNL (Oakridge National Laboratory) that explains this performance.